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Ling came totally prepared to our first meeting and I immediately had confidence in her. I greatly appreciated that Ling gave me her thoughts on various things that came up but left the decision making to me with no pressure. Ling made everything easy for me and I had complete confidence in her knowledge of the documents needed and how to proceed. Ling was professional at every stage. Her eye for details was greatly appreciated. As an attorney I felt secure that she was carefully assessing all legal details of the transaction. I was extremely satisfied with the whole process and plan to use Ling for the sale of other properties in the future. She was great throughout.

—Debbie Glaeser, West Sacramento

Ling provided an otherwise excellent experience on a short sale where one was not expected. I believe our short sale experience is the way these transactions should unfold however based on stories read and experiences described by others I was expecting a nightmare that happily never happened and I attribute that to Ling's professionalism and experience. Thanks Ling!

—Gary Bailey Rancho Cordova

Additional Testimonials

Last year, one of my tenants had referred me to real estate broker Ling Tseng to assist me in filling vacancies in my beautifully restored 3 story historic building in downtown woodland, ca. In less than 6 months, she brought me a tenant who now occupies a boutique coffee shop which brought approximately 60 patrons during the pre-opening day in early January 2012. She is proactive in finding tenants and I'm confident she will bring more tenants to my building soon. Since I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years, I've never met as sharp, detailed oriented, meticulous, ethical and knowledgeable broker as Ling. With her extensive background in business and real estate investing, she has not only educated me about today's commercial real estate market, she has a thorough understanding of the importance of contractual terms to protect my interest. Without a doubt, when I'm ready to sell my building, I will hire Ling as the listing broker to sell my property. She always has your "back" and I would highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs. Sincerely, Mo, owner NW Investment Properties


Thank you to Ling Tseng!!! She was my fantastic real estate agent that made our dreams come true!!! So happy to be in a brand new house... everyone said that it is really hard to qualify to get a home right now... so we almost didn't try. BUT I'm so glad we did...if you have doubts, call her up! She will make it happen : ) She fought all our fights and we got in total about $25,000 in upgrades....FOR FREE!!! Yay Ling ; ) Thanks so much : )

From: Jerold Theis Subject: Excellent service from Ling Tseng TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Ling Tseng was my Realtor for the sale of my house in Davis California in the Summer of 2011. This was at a time when there were four houses for sale in my neighborhood,all handled by different agents. Ms Tseng used her skills to place decorative objects in the otherwise vacant house and to write up an excellent and personal description of the home and its history. Her advertisement of the open house drew over 200 people to view the house.She also arranged for a loan officer to be present to discuss financing with any prospective buyers. The housing market at that time was in the cellar,Nevertheless Ms Tseng obtained 3 offers on the house, two of which were ABOVE the asking price. My house was the only one of the four in my neighborhood that sold that Summer. The other three were taken off the market. I can recommend Ms Tseng as an energetic, aggressive agent that will get the best for her clients. Sincerely J.H.Theis,DVM,PhD.

—Jerold Theis

Ling, For years I was advised to stay away from short sale property investing due to the fact that short sales were wrought with insurmountable red tape, long escrows and the month and months of wait times for closure and quite frankly it sounded like short sale transactions just took all of the fun and excitement out of property investment. Now that I have experienced the purchase of the short sale property with you as my agent, I wanted to say that I had a very positive experience through the short sale process and I attribute that directly to you. Although I have transacted many other Real Estate acquisitions never have I met a professional such as yourself who clearly understands your role as a Real Estate agent ensuring that every day progress occurs and personally guide all parties involved towards the goal in as an expeditious and as smooth a transition as possible. I know that there were several obstacles during our transaction and I also know that you took care of those issues shielding me from all of the stress and concerns related to solving the problems. You achieved solutions to each problem protecting me as your client and that is what a great agent does. I especially appreciate the fact that you carried yourself with class and excellence at each step. I look forward to our next transaction and will recommend you to my colleagues with the highest respect and admiration for how you perform your craft. Sincerely, Gary A. Bailey

—Gary A. Bailey

This is a strong commendation for the professional and courteous experience which I had with Ling Tseng. I had the opportunity as a New Home Consultant with Standard Pacific Homes to work with Ling on a customer´s first purchase. This purchase was not only a successful one, it was a challenging one. Ling, with her many years of experience in the field of real estate, took all the challenges of the sale and turned them into opportunities. With the aid of Ling´s superior performance, motivation, dedication and most of all, her integrity; the customers were able to get their key to their first home. Ling Tseng represents REMAX Gold to its very best. I thought you should be aware of Ling´s star performance with us. I can tell you that it does make a difference. Michael Romanov - New Home Sales Counselor Standard Pacific Homes

—Michael Romanov

"I was very happy after Ling came up with the right set of op...tions for my unique case. I spoke with several real estate agents before meeting Ling. The other agents were interested in taking my business, but unknowledgeable in making the wisest decision for my complex case. Ling listened and took action in my best interest. Her knowledge made a big difference in this toxic real estate environment. I can see that Ling's integrity is her biggest asset, not to mention her vast experience. I think she is a cut above the rest and the only one I would feel comfortable working with. I will not hesitate to work with her in the future." Charles Arnold

—Charles Arnold

I have worked with Ling for close to 10 years and have enjoyed our business relationship for many reasons. I have referred my clients to her because of her business ethics, dedication and hard work. Ling can be found working most evenings and weekends to help our clients make their dream of homeownership become a reality. She has an infectious personality and is a joy to work with! When I have a new client, I always call Ling first! Charles Meng, US Bank

—Charles Meng

"Ling was extremely effective in helping us short sale our home. She is knowledgeable about her craft and dedicated to her clients. She kept us informed through this difficult, mind-numbing and confusing process and was quick to return calls and emails. She worked tirelessly on our behalf and made sure that everything was done correctly. We are truly thankful for her efforts. Our short sale would not have been a success without her help, guidance and expertise." Meg & Paul Hoyle

—Meg & Paul Hoyle

"My husband and I decided to buy our first home and from beginning to end, Ling was quick to follow up with us and make sure she knew what kind of home we were looking for. Once we found the house we wanted, she was there every step of the way and always made us feel like she was looking out for our best interests. Without her expertise, guidance, and the obvious passion she has for her job and her clients, the entire process would have made our lives much more difficult - and we probably would have missed out on obtaining our first choice home! To top it off, her unique cash back program for CalPERS members covered a significant amount of our part of the closing costs, which needless to say was extremely helpful. We can't speak highly enough of Ling and her wonderful team - we strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a seamless and rewarding experience!" Diana and Peter Bergstrand

—Diane and Peter Bergrstand

"My husband and I are first time home buyers and Ling came highly reccommended from an associate. From day one, she thoroughly explained the process of home buying and the expectations. Ling is very knowledgable, committed and professional and without her assistance and knowledge, we would have been lost in the process! Ling's patience and positive attitude kept us going through some unusual challenges. We really appreciate Ling's incredible work ethic and honesty, and not only consider her to be the BEST Real Estate Broker, but also a friend! We will definitely use Ling in our future home purchas(es) and highly reccommend her to all of our friends and family!" Sincerely, Brian & Karen Washington Camera shy Washingtons and isn't their new home lovely? =)

—Brian & Karen Washington

"Ling L. Tseng, RE/MAX Gold, was extremely helpful in assisting me with getting a loan modification. I met Ling in August 2009 at my place of employment. I had spoken with several credit couselors, real estate brokers, and mortgage companies in the past and they were very high pressure and really did not offer good or accurate advice, so I was a little leary of talking to Ling at first. However, after talking to Ling for just a few short minutes, I was convinced that she knew what she was talking about. So I scheduled an appointment with her to discuss my options regarding my home loan payment that was becoming unaffordable due to a 15 percent paycut. To make matters worse, I was upside down in my house and could not sell it. Ling spent the time to explain to me my options and provided detailed documents for what I would need depending on the option I chose. After talking to Ling and looking over the materials she gave me, I felt that the best option for me would be to try and get a loan modification. After submitting my loan modification paper work to my mortgage company, and following-up persistently, I was finally offered a loan modification in December 2009. I wasn't real happy with the loan modification offer and I discussed it with Ling. She was patient enough to sit down and talk to me about the offer and to explain that I could do much better than what had been offered and recommended that I talk to my mortgage company and see if I could get a better offer. A second loan modification offer was made to me in February 2010. It was better than the first offer, but after talking to Ling she thought I could still do better. So I approached my mortage company once more and in March 2010 they finally came back with an offer I could live with. My payments were reduced from about $2,700 per month to about $1,800 per month. Thank you Ling for being there for me and for being a good coach and friend, I couldn't have done it without you." Tom Pomales "Ling was not only the best real estate professional my family has ever worked with, but she is truly one of the kindest hearted and hard working individuals our family has ever met. When our family became interested in an REO property, she told us all the expectations involved with such a process. She told us it may take longer than a normal resale. She told us it may get frustrating because there are many 3rd parties involved. But more importantly, she told us to always think positive and everything will work out in the end. And that it did. Ling made this transaction as smooth as possible and from what we know, it was somewhat of a record in regards to closing an REO property. What was supposed to take long and get us frustrated actually made us more excited and made us appreciate our prospective property even more. Throughout the most difficult parts of the process, Ling represented our family to the 3rd parties with the tenacity and a fervor that can rival a trial lawyer. She also coached and educated us during the whole process to make sure that we were not only going to be happy new homeowners, but educated ones as well. Our family is proud to say that Ling represented us and it is an honor to have worked with her in finding our forever home. Not only did we find our real estate professional for life, we also found a family friend." Sincerely, Benjamin, Aurora, Melissa, Gerald, & Mojito Dabi

—Tom Pomales

"On the urging of a good friend who convinced me that it was worth looking into purchasing a home, and somewhat on a whim, I wandered into the Davis ReMax office one quiet Davis afternoon. I had never owned a home and had never even considered home ownership a possibility. I was intimidated and uncertain, but was warmly greeted by Kim and brought back to Ling's office. She immediately made me feel at home, preparing me a cup of tea, sharing her apple with me, and expressing her enthusiasm about working with first-time home buyers. She shared some listings that fell within a reasonable price range in the communities I was considering and created an account for me. She told me to expect a call from a loan officer who could take me through the loan approval process and I left her office that day feeling that in fact this was a possibility. Soon after I returned home, I got the call from Ling's colleague who went through my financial situation and by the end of our conversation I'd been pre-approved me for a loan and the amazing journey began. We immediately started the next day looking at houses and came upon one, a short sale, that was perfect. Ling stuck in there right by my side during the roller coaster this deal took us on. She assembled a strong and effective team, from the home inspector, termite company, title company, loan officer, and worked closely with them and the seller's agent to ensure that every little detail concerning this sale was covered. She was very clear what kind of house would work for me and I appreciate that she really took the time to get to know me so that the perfect match was made. She always returned my calls, answered my questions thoroughly and never steered me wrong. She is a fount of knowledge, detail oriented, honest, aware of the legalities of things and quick to explain them, sensitive, intuitive, profesional, efficient, and easy to work with. She knows this business like the back of her hand and makes it her responsiblity to not to only place someone a house, but to also educate her clients along the way... and take them out for tacos too! This is all that she did for me and more! I cannot recommend Ling highly enough as I write this from my new home." Virginia Lantry

—Virginia Lantry

"I was looking for a property in Davis about a year ago, as soon as I found out that my job was moved from Salem, OR to Davis, CA. A friend of mine suggested me to have Ling Tseng as my realtor. In our first meeting, I was impressed by the way she worked. She wanted to find out about who I was and what I liked so that she had an idea about the type of house that would fit my needs. She was clearly the type of realtor who worked for the best interest of her clients. She was very organized and paid attention to all details. Our communication relating to all the paperworks were done by email since I still lived in Oregon before the closing date for my house. She helped to take care of some stuff in Davis so that I did not have to fly back-and-forth until the closing date. Her professionalism truly eased my home buying process. I am very grateful to have a realtor like her." Elly Soeryapranata

—Elly Soeryapranata

"We were able to buy our first home thanks to Ling. As first time buyers, Ling assisted us from all sides of the process. She was on our side helping us make sure we got what we needed from the lender, the sellers, and even the title company. She listened to our concerns, and she helped us make sure we understood what was going on, even if it may not be to our liking. She was always quick to return calls and emails, and made sure that everything was done right. She helped us through a quick escrow while being sure that we weren't rushed too much. She made sure we got what we wanted and needed from all the parties involved. Ultimately, Ling made sure that when the day came to move into our house, we felt comfortable with it. Without her help, I really don't think we would have found the home we did. Ling prevented us from making mistakes. We strongly recommend her to any buyer or seller." Erik and Julia Malvick

—Erik and Julia Malvick

When we met Ling for the first time she was very outgoing and an easy person to talk to. I firmly believe that if it wasn't for Ling we would not be in our new home. Her knowledge of the real estate and the business side of this world made all the difference for us. She was always upfront and honest. She was always available, sometimes three or four times a day. She was always very pleasant and helpful. When something needed to get done I felt I could always count on her to help me. Whenever we didn't understand something or needed help she would have the answer or she would get it for us. She made sure that we got the best deal we could on our new house. We always felt she had our best interests in mind. Even though she was very busy she always got back to us at a very timely manner. She is the best. She put us in this house and I truly believe if it wasn't for her we would not be in it. If I ever buy or sell another house she is my agent. David and Cheryl Yoshida

—David and Cheryl Yoshida

When I first met Ling I knew immediately we could work with her and we would get our house sold. She is confident, honest, communicative, professional, and she took charge and gave us a clear plan to follow in order to get our house ready to list. Ling returned all our calls and emails quickly and answered our many questions about the selling process. Ling marketed our home with great enthusiasm and was able to bring in multiple offers in a short period of time. She put us in a terrific position as sellers in a buyers' market. I would recommend Ling Tseng to anyone selling or buying a home! Peter and Karin Naftzger

—Peter and Karin Naftzger

Ling Tseng is professional and precise, with a mind tempered for detail. Her calm presence does not intrude nor does she push to close a deal. Ling is genuine and concerned about her clients' satisfaction and their visions. I received excellent representation. Working with Ling and her team of trusted advisors made buying a first home, through the Calpers Loan program, stress free and successful. I recommend her services. Nancy Enkema

—Nancy Enkema

"We put our house on the market in July 2005 with a veteran real estate agent. We did not have any offers or interest for over 10 weeks. By September the market had turned and we lost hope. Homes were not selling anywhere. We then hired Ling Tseng in October 2005. Ling advised us of Feng Shui cures for our home and within 5 days, (3 days after our house listed on the MLS) we had multiple offers. Ling Tsengs extensive knowledge of Feng Shui, the real estate market, and her hard work sold our home. Ling Tseng has our full confidence and endorsement" Wit Woliczko and Brenda Martin

—Wit Woliczko and Brenda Martin

"Imagine buying a home without stress! That is what it was like when I worked with Ling Tseng on my recent purchase. I was a first time home buyer and was very fearful of going through the process. After asking me a few questions, she was able to identify some homes to see. I found my home on the first day we went out looking and was closing Escrow 30 days later! I loved working with her and trusted her as she guided me through the process. She has assembled a very efficient and professional team, so the financing and home inspection also went smoothly. I highly recommend Ling if you are considering the purchase of a home. I know I will use her services for my next home." Dakota Mitchell

—Dakota Mitchell

This was our first experience buying a home. Ling is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer our many questions. Ling was always looking out for out best interests. For example, when we had concerns about the maintenance on the heating and air, Ling persisted in making sure the problem was taken care of by the sellers. Ling made buying a home much easier, and we learned a lot. We have already recommended Ling to a close friend, and will continue to recommend her to friends and family. Curtis Clevenger Gail Gardner

—Curtis Clevenger

"After 5 months I suddenly sold my former home and had to move in 3 weeks. Ling did a very good job of showing me homes. Then she helped with the offer and negotiations. Then she helped with the inspection, repairs, etc. Everything went quite well considering the short time frame. I also got a very nice rebate check! I definitely recommend Ling and her company." Adrienne Elliot

—Adrienne Elliott

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